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  • New year, new dishes
    10/01/2022 - Espen
    New year, new dishes

    2022 Has arrived, so is some new dishes on our menu. 


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  • The eight Sami seasons
    15/12/2021 - Sami Siida
    The eight Sami seasons

    In the Sami culture, we count a full eight seasons. All seasons are closely linked to the reindeer's natural migration and the reindeer owner's tasks during a year. The reindeer owners supervise the herd all year round, but some tasks belong to each season.

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  • Food on a plate Traditional dining experiences
    20/10/2021 - Sami Siida
    Traditional dining experiences

    Next to the Siida (Sami camp) you can enjoy good traditional food in cozy surroundings. You can choose whether you want to enjoy yourself in a lavvu restaurant or in the restaurant inside our new building. We offer traditional Sami dinner and lunch, campfire coffee, desserts, cakes etc.

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  • Modern restaurant Our new restaurant
    20/10/2021 - Sami Siida
    Our new restaurant

    In our nice little restaurant you can order local food made in the traditional way.

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  • Reindeer meat production Local food
    20/10/2021 - Sami Siida
    Local food

    From our kitchen you will be served traditional sami food. Local and pure. 

    On the menu there will always be reindeer and salmon, but there will also be seasonal addings.  

    Visit our beautiful restaurant for the sami experience. 
    We also have freshly made bonfirecoffee and a lavvupub. 

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