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How did Sami Siida come to be? Read more about our history.

Sami cultural dissemination

The story of Sami Siida has started in Bossekop (district in Alta) in the late 90s.

During the summer months, visitors had the opportunity to greet the reindeers and chat with the owners at close range. The hosts at Siida got many questions from tourists who wanted to know more about the Sami people, culture and traditions. The permanent Sami Siida in Upper-Alta was in place in 2002 and was founded by Johan and Berit Anne Eira along with Kristina Nina and Nils Henrik Sara. The family has roots from Maze and Kautokeino and originates from reindeer herders in several generations. They live and work in a traditional Sami way this day today and provide this experience for their guests. Sami Siida is a must to see attraction and a meeting place for a good conversation and a traditional meal in Alta.

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