Siida experiences for the whole family

Be side by side with the Sami and their reindeer in a stunning landscape filled with traditions.

A unique experience of Sami culture

On arrival, you will be by welcomed by traditionally dressed Sámi hosts. You get to meet the reindeer and step into a 'Lavvu', where examples of different Sámi costumes, equipment, and utensils.

We offer out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences. You can choose whether you want to enjoy traditional food and refreshments of tea or coffee and cake in our new restaurant or if you'd rather sit in the Lavvu and enjoy the bonfire heat before your next stop.

Northern lights adventure with reindeer

Experience reindeer raid in the old traditional way, in 
sled, behind a reindeer, chasing the northern lights.

Reindeer ride can also be experienced in daylight.   

Duration 2 hours

Reindeer play a central part of the
S á mi culture and have been used to
transport people for generations. On
this trip you can enjoy silence, in a
sled behind a reindeer just listening to
the reindeers’ hooves crackling in the

Our sámi guides take you to a Lavvo ,
where you will hear about the sámi
culture in the pleasant surroundings
around the bonfire. You will get a
fascinating sight in to the special
semi nomadic culture.

If weather and light conditions are
optimal, you can get the opportunity
to experience the magical Northern
lights dance across the sky.

This trip is not recommended for
pregnant women or people with
severely reduced mobility.
2 people in each sled.
Warm clothes, mittens, hats and
warm winter shoes. Winter overall can be loaned. 

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Reindeer sledding in the siida

Sledding with up to 2 adults per sled. Warm clothes recommended, gloves and beanie. We have warm overalls that our guest can use.


Winter, pre-booking


 NOK 2490,-  / 990 NOK for children under 12 years
Student NOK 1980,-

Reindeer herder for a day.

Join a Sámi reindeer herder to his herd and get an
unforgettable experience in scenic surroundings.


Duration 2 days

A day with a reindeer herd is a phenomenal way to get up close to
the semi nomadic life of the S á mi people who practice reindeer
herding. You will have the opportunity to take part in their
everyday life as a herder.

Reindeer herding involves
controlling the herd and getting them to graze. The herder must be
able to anticipate the animals' movements based on their
knowledge of the reindeer's natural behavior during different seasons.

In almost untouched Norwegian nature, you will be able to
experience reindeer up close and be served traditional sámi food in a lavvo , a traditional sámi tent.

Forget about time, enjoy the sound of silence and feel the closeness to nature! Weather can vary from freezing cold to brilliant sunshine, making this experience truly special . Dinner in our sami restaurant.
Overnight stay in traditional lavvu , waking up among reindeers.

This experience is for the adventures.
clothes , mittens , hat and warm shoes .

:Winter overall. Hot meal and hot
beverage and snack. Everything you need to survive in the cold tundra among reindeers. 

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Reindeer herder for a day

Live life as a real life reindeer herder. Working in the tundra with reindeers roaming around. 


Winter, pre-booking


 NOK 49995,-  / 12990 NOK for children under 12 years

Sámi cultural experience
Lavvo, joik, and reindeer sledding

Through storytelling and reindeer sledding, we will
guide you into our living culture and provide insight into our traditions.


Lavvu is a traditional sámi tent that has
been used by the sámi for generations and
adapted to our nomadic way of life and
the northern climate. In cozy surroundings, around the fire in a lavv o
we find the peace to give you a unique
insight into S á mi culture.

Our local guides will lead you into the
S á mi way of life and give you

a Sámi cultural experience through their stories
about our traditions. You will experience the power of
joik and have the opportunity to see and feel
traditional handmade clothing.

As a finale, we offer you the experience of
sledding with one of our reindeer. Sit in
the sled and enjoy the ride around Sámi
If weather and light conditions are
optimal, you may also experience the magical northern lights dance in
the sky while enjoying the reindeer sled ride.


This experience is suitable for
everyone. Walking distance to
the reindeer enclosure where the
reindeer . T he reindeer sledding
requires some physical ability to
sit in the sled, but our guides are
available to assist you. Warm
clothing and shoes are
recommended for the outdoor


1295 NOK / 490 NOK for children under 12 years

Reindeer - A carrier of Sámi culture

Meet our reindeer
amazing animals that you can experience
up close with us at Sami Siida.


The reindeer, an animal that for generations has been significant to S á mi culture and their survival as indigenous people. The reindeer is the fundamental element for the existence of reindeer husbandry, and the entire way of life for the reindeer herding sámi is based on the reindeer.


Taking care of the animals is the highest priority among the sámi , as it is with us at sámi Siida . The reindeer are here all year round. Some arrive in the autumn and others are born here in the spring.

Meet and feed these
magnificent animals and get to know them through our
experienced guides. They will give you a better understanding of
reindeer and reindeer husbandry in Norway. You will have a unique
opportunity to be close to reindeer and take pictures with them.


695 NOK / 490 NOK for children under 12 years

Exclusive offers

On request, Sami Siida offers exclusive experiences that take you even closer to the Sami people. Get a deeper insight into the Sami lifestyle and traditional culture. 



Trip to the reindeerherd in the tundra. Experience real life reindeerherding. Daytrips and weekends. 

Springmigration in april. Join this magnificent journey, following the reindeers when they decide to leave the tundra for the shore and better places to give birth.  

Contact us for planning and price. Tel. +47 468 38 645

1. Staged performance of Sami traditional yoik and poetry in the Siida.

2. Stay with a Sami family in their home.

3. Experience the most beautiful adventure of the year – spring migration, where reindeer herders move with the herd from winter to summer pasture.

4. Reindeer slaughter - only available in periods (groups max 4 people).

5. Sale of small-scale food products and souvenirs from own reindeer husbandry.

6. Take a trip to the reindeer herd with the reindeer herders and experience their everyday life in the mountains.

Food experience

Next to the Sami camp you can enjoy a good meal. Choose from traditional Sami dishes and Norwegian home cooking from our restaurant, from the plateau, rivers and fjords. On the menu you will always find reindeer and salmon.

Stop by our cozy eatery for a Sami dining experience. We also have cakes, desserts, bonfire coffee and lavvupub.

If you are planning to have a seminar, meeting, birthday party, confirmation, or other events, just contact us and we will arrange it!

A 3-course dinner can also be ordered.

Pre-book your food experience


Finnbiff is not only delicious, tasty and exciting - it is also some of the absolute healthiest meat you can eat. The reindeer live wild, eat healthily and travel long distances when they graze. They eat many varieties of lichen, herbs and heather, which help to give the meat a unique and mild game taste.


Our Finnbiff is served with homemade mashed potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts and lingonberry.

allergens: 2

Kr. 309,-


Biđus is a fantastic dish, a Sami gala dinner. Made with carrots, potatoes and long-cooked reindeer meat. Served with syrup bread.

allergens:1, 2, 5


Kr. 265,-


The Sami reindeer schnitzel. Ground reindeer meat and a good breading. The dish originates from Kautokeino and has been given new life with us. Stežan is served with mashed potatoes, game salad, onions and lingonberry sour cream.
allergens: 3, 2, 6


Kr. 290,-



Baked in the oven, gives the salmon a crispy skin, which tastes amazing. This dish has become very popular with our guests. The combination of salmon, lemon sour cream, boiled potato, and the fresh salad, makes this a light and fresh dish.

allergens:2,4, 6


Kr. 290,-



Verdde - guest friend. The reindeer herder and his guest friends on the coast exchange goods and services. The guest friends receives reindeermeat and the Sami get fish and shellfish. The fishcakes are made from haddock, served with boiled potatoes, butter and raw food.

Allergen: 4


Kr. 240,-



Vegan soup, made with carrot, celery, leek, paprika, pretzels, tomato and rice noodles. Served with lingonberry bread.



Kr. 150,-


1. Gluten, 2. Milk, 3. Onions, 4. Fish, 5. Egg, 6. Citrus, 7. Celery

Our dishes are available both gluten- and lactose-free, consult your waiter.
Locally produced, short distance from the farmer, the sea and the plateau. The potatoes from Tangen farm, reindeer meat from Finnmark Rein and the fish from Kranes.

Workshop and seminar

Events must be pre-booked. Receive prices upon request.

Option 1:

«History of Sami reindeer herding»

Seminar about the Sami history, culture and traditions (duration 2 hours)

Option 2:

«Sami handicraft»

Course in traditional sewing (duration 3 hours)

Option 3:

«Sami traditional cuisine»

Cooking classes (duration 4 hours)

The best of Sápmi (summer)

When you arrive at Sami Siida, you will be greeted by a real Sami reindeer herder. You will get a tour of the Siida, where you can learn more about the Sami culture, history and lifestyle.

Throwing lasso is an important tradition for the reindeer herders. The host will show you how to throw lasso in the traditional Sami way. 

While you are sitting by the fireplace, you will experience traditional entertainment by host (yoik-the Sami way of singing).

Additional drinks (soft drinks, alcohol)


745 NOK / 380 NOK for children under 12 years