Sami nationalday

We can proudly announce that there will be celebrations of the Sami national day on sunday 6th february.

Throughout the Sami people's week, it is possible to ride with reindeer and sleigh for 300, - per person, or 500 for the whole family.

Our big lavvutent we have also opened and heated for the day, where both biđus and campfire coffee are served. Elen entertains with yoik here at 15.00 and 17.00.
While Fjærapyttan has rehearsed Sami songs and will play them inside the restaurant, from kl. 17.15.

We have outdoor activities such as, sledding on reindeer skins, campfires and campfire coffee, lasso throwing and sleigh rides with reindeer. If you want to get even closer to the reindeer, then it is possible to feed the reindeer with reindeer lichen.

The Sami National Day is also a great opportunity to buy something nice.
We get Ellen Bongo Eira who sells duo jewelery, Unni Erntsen who sells various wool garments and we have our own small gift shop open.

Throughout the evening, Sami music will be played and a good atmosphere is guaranteed.