Reindeer meat production

Local food

From our kitchen you will be served traditional sami food. Local and pure. 

On the menu there will always be reindeer and salmon, but there will also be seasonal addings.  

Visit our beautiful restaurant for the sami experience. 
We also have freshly made bonfirecoffee and a lavvupub. 

Check out our menu below.

1. Biđus

Traditional dish with reindeermeat, carrots and potatoes. With buttered bread (1,2,5)

Kr. 240,-

2. Cut reindeermeat 

with mashed potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, bacon and lingonberry jam. (2)

Kr. 260,-

3. Suovasbiergu 

with salad, lingonberry sourcream and potatoes or mashed potatoes. (2,6)

Suovasbiergu = smoked reindeermeat

(2, 6)

Kr. 390,-

4. Fried salmon

with boiled potatoes, lemon, lemon sourcream with salad, carrots and cucumber (2, 4, 6)

Kr. 250,-

5. Verdde fishburger

mashed potatoes and coleslaw
(2, 4, 6)

Kr. 175,-

6. Reindeer meatballs

with mashed potatoes, carrots and peastew

Kr. 240,-

7. Stežan

with mashed potatoes, salad, onions and lingonberry sourcream.

Stežan= reindeermeat snitzel.

Kr. 255,-


1) Gluten, 2) melk/milk, 3) onion, 4) fish, 5) egg, 6 ) citrus