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Everyday 3 pm to 9 pm (Kitchen closes at 8 pm)

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Friday and Saturday 19:00 - 20:00


Genuine experience of sami culture, traditions and way of life.

Meet &Greet the reindeers,reindeer ride, joik,northern lights mystery, outdoor activities, storytelling, and traditional food experience in the surroundings of Sami reindeer camp.

Alta, Norway

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Sami Siida's story started in Bossekop (in Alta) in the late 90's.

 Every summer the reindeer herding Sami came there with their reindeer and the guests who came there got to meet the reindeer and talk to the reindeer herding Sami. The reindeer herding Sami experienced getting lots of questions from tourists about the Sami, the reindeer, the Sami culture and about Sami traditions. Therefore, they decided to start a permanent place in Alta where you can get to know the Sami.

 Sami Siida was started in Øvre Alta in 2002 by Berit Anne and Johan together with Kristine Nina and Nils Henrik.

In the winter they are with the reindeer on the Finnmarksvidda and in the summer they come down to the coast with the reindeer herd. The family has roots from Maze and Kautokeino and originates from reindeer herders in several generations. They live and work in a traditional Sami way this day today and provide this experience for their guests.

A visit to Sami Siida is an exceptional experience and something you`ll never forget.
An attractive meeting place for a good conversation and traditional dining experience in Alta. Here you will come in close contact with reindeer.


Welcome to us at Sami siida.



Sámi Siida is a settlement that's been converted into a museum. Welcomed by traditionally dressed Sámi hosts. Here you can see their reindeer and step into a 'Lavvu', where examples of different Sámi costumes, equipment and utensils. Enjoy traditional food and refreshments of tea or coffee and cake before your next stop.

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Traditional sami food experience

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Opening hours

Monday - Friday 3 pm to 9 pm (Kitchen closes at 8 pm)

Saturday 12 pm to 9 pm (Kitchen closes at 8 pm)

Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm (Kitchen closes at 8 pm)



Everyday 19 pm  to midnight




Season Summer :  June 1th - August 20th

Season Fall :  August 21st – Nov. 30th

Season Winter :  Des. 1st 2019 – Mars 31st

Season Spring :  April 1st- May 31st




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Sami Siida
Øytunveien 4
Øvre Alta
9518 Alta

Phone: +47 468 38645